Individual and group excursions to Montserrat

The mountain abbey of Montserrat, that is the recognised spiritual centre of Catalonia, is visited not only by believers, but also by those who admire the beauty of nature and are interested in ancient monuments. Since the monastery complex is located in an extremely picturesque place at a height of 725 m, the ascent to it by the cable car is the adventure itself. The history of Montserrat, which dates back to the 9th century, is so complex and fascinating that you should go on a tour with an English-speaking personal guide that will acquaint you with all historical facts and tell you many legends. A large part of them is associated with the main shrine of Montserrat - the statue of Black Madonna. According to legends it fulfils wishes. In addition, the guide is sure to show you:

  • the Church of Our Lady of Montserrat famous for its beauty;
  • the museum that presents as many as 6 expositions, including a collection of the masterpieces of painting;
  • the sculpture of St. George that is patron saint of Catalonia;
  • the monastery and temple of St. Cecilia.

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