Moulin Rouge - jump the queue

The most famous cabaret in France and perhaps the whole world doesn't need special presentation: even those who have never been to Paris heard of the Moulin Rouge. Since 1889, its opening, it has been synonymous with merely Parisian chic and desire for fun. "Moulin Rouge" can easily transfer you to the splendid era of crinolines, carriages and cancan - just buy e-tickets to the famous performance "Extravaganza", considered one of the best cabaret performances ever. You will see a fantastic spectacle consisting of 4 parts: you will see 60 dancers, about a thousand unique costumes, erotic and acrobatic performances.

An integral part of the luxury atmosphere of "Moulin Rouge" is champagne and a dainty three-course dinner as well as splendid interiors. Since there are always more than enough people who want to visit the famous cabaret and every day there is a full house, you should buy tickets online via Excurzilla, that will give you opportunity to jump the queue using separate entrance.

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