Exciting walks in Paris with a private guide

Few cities in Europe can boast of such a tinge of aristocracy as Paris. While taking tours, travelers never cease to be amazed. Neat cobblestone lanes, cozy cafes, shining shop windows – everything looks as if it was painted by an artist-aesthete. Where else does a tourist's heart beat so often from a single walk in town?

It's true, tours in English in Paris can be a fantastic discovery for you. An experienced personal guide will tell you about fashion and culture of the French metropolis, while your eyes will be drawn by ladies dressed in costumes from Chanel. Paris has the title of European Capital of Fashion for a reason. During the city sightseeing tour you can visit places where the best world fashion designers and perfumers have been: Yves Saint Laurent, Armand Petitjean, Christian Dior and others.

Each block of Paris is unique, especially in summer when the city is buried in the fragrant greenery of trees. While taking an excursion with an English-speaking guide, you will be able to visit ancient churches, have a look at one of the galleries of modern art, enjoy the unique atmosphere of a jazz club.

Exurzilla offers you a must-see list of sights without which a visit to Paris won't be complete:

  • The Place des Vosges (originally Place Royale), which served as the residence of many famous Frenchmen – Cardinal Richelieu, Hugo and others;
  • The Eiffel Tower – a 300-meter traditional symbol of Paris;
  • Champs-Élysées – famous street of the French capital, considered the most beautiful avenue in the world;
  • Palace of Versailles – luxurious residence of French kings; magnificent gardens and quaint fountains of Versailles and its grand Mirror Gallery still amaze visitors;
  • Notre-Dame de Paris – a cathedral almost 120 m high, with two strict towers and a spire, which is called the pinnacle of French Gothic architecture;
  • The Arc de Triomphe – majestic structure almost 50 m high, designed to perpetuate the victorious battles of Napoleon Bonaparte, decorated with reliefs depicting the legendary battles;
  • Louvre a world-famous museum with a collection of about 1 million pieces (for a symbolic fee visitors can see priceless masterpieces of art, such as “Mona Lisa” by da Vinci and the famous Venus of Milo).

Paris is a marvelous city. At any point of the city, you won't be able to resist the charm of one of the most stylish capitals in the world.

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