The Louvre - jump the queue

Up to 1680 The Louvre was the main palace of the kings of France, and it saw many historical events, which are familiar to us from the novels of Dumas and other writers. Today it is the largest museum in the world, and every tourist who comes to Paris wants to buy tickets to it. It is in the Louvre where you can see those pearls of world culture that are known to any educated person, namely:

  • "Mona Lisa"/"Gioconda" - the main art work of Leonardo da Vinci;
  • The Venus de Milo - the legendary ancient Greek sculpture;
  • The Nike of Samothrace - another masterpiece of ancient sculptors;
  • sculpture "Slave" by Michelangelo.

The hallmarks of the Louvre are both the extraordinary wealth and breadth of the exhibition - from sphinxes of Ancient Egypt to masterpieces of Renaissance painting, from samples of Islamic art to impressionist paintings. No wonder there are always queues at this museum. In order not to stand in them, you should buy an online ticket via Excurzilla, that guarantees you jump the queue.

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