Excursions with English-speaking guides in Versailles

Fantastic luxury and unprecedented splendor of the Louis XIV era are waiting for tourists in Versailles - a suburb of Paris, world-famous for its palace complex. Many residences of European monarchs, including palaces in Peterhof and Tsarskoye Selo, owe their appearance to the palace of Versailles. If you go on a tour of it, you will see the famous Hall of Mirrors, Private apartments of the King, the Salon of Hercules and other private rooms of the palace, that strike with the wealth and exquisiteness of the interior. No less impressive is the huge park of Versailles with bosquets and fountains of the 17th century. As part of a sightseeing tour of Versailles, an experienced English-speaking guide is sure to get you familiar with its other landmarks such as the Cathedral of Saint Louis, the Church of Notre-Dame, the Grand Trianon and Petit Trianon palaces and their parks, the King's Kitchen Garden.

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