Tours in English in Lyon

Lyon – the third largest city in France – as well as many Western European cities, has passed a difficult historical path from the capital of Gaul to a large commercial and industrial centre, which at the same time became a haven for the intellectual elite. You should not forget that Lyon is the homeland of the creators of cinema – the Lumiere brothers (one of the local institutions still bears their name) as well as the capital of silk – it can be purchased here at a bargain price.

One of the most popular tours in Lyon is a visit to Notre-Dame de Fourviere – the basilica, which is not only a monument of Gothic architecture but also a place where a magical city view opens up. You can learn more about the attractions of Lyon and its history during a conducted highlight tour. As part of various tour programs, you can visit numerous museums and galleries of Lyon, the ancient theatre and see one of the symbols of the city – a metal tower that painfully resembles the creation of Eiffel. During a tour of the museum of fine arts in English, an experienced guide will introduce you to the largest collection of paintings, which is the second one only to the famous Louvre.

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