Fascinating walks with a private guide in Rouen

Rouen is one of the largest cities in France, the historical capital of Normandy, where the brave Jeanne d'Arc was executed. During the World War II, many of the monuments of Rouen were destroyed, however, there are unique objects that make the city unusually interesting for tourists.

First of all, it is Rouen Cathedral, the city's sacrament that combines several architectural styles. Its walls are decorated with paintings by Claude Monet. During a sightseeing tour you will see the historical center of Rouen, medieval monuments, unique half-timbered houses, an old clock tower and other objects.

Local guides also offer a variety of thematic tours in English. For example, art lovers will get an unforgettable experience by visiting the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Rouen with an amazing collection of paintings by Rubens, Monet, Velazquez and other recognized artists.

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