Excursions to the Dali Theatre and Museum in English

A fascinating excursion to the Dali Theatre and Museum in Figueres, near Barcelona, with an English-speaking guide will allow you to immerse yourself in the fantastic world created by the imagination of the great artist. It differs sharply from other museums: to begin with, it was designed by Dali himself, and it is considered as much a masterpiece of the knight of brush as his paintings. Since the Dali Theatre-Museum is the second most visited among Spanish museums, you should buy online tickets via Excurzilla in advance and not waste time in the queue at the ticket office. After admiring the fantastic red pop art building decorated with giant eggs you will go inside the museum and see:

  • paintings of the brilliant surrealist that let you follow all the stages of his art;
  • the Dali-Joies jewelry collection consisting of 39 unusual jewelry;
  • paintings by Marcel Duchamp, El Greco and other artists that were part of Dali's private collection;
  • amazing interiors, including the illusion room;
  • installations, sketches and drawings by Dali;
  • the artist's crypt.
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