Tickets to the Sagrada Familia: jump the queue

Even those who are far from the history of architecture are familiar with the creation of the great Antonio Gaudi, but perhaps the most curious detail is that millions of tourists rush to buy tickets to the unfinished cathedral: the completion of the work, which began in 1882, is planned only in 2026. But even present look of Sagrada Familia strikes the imagination: this temple in Barcelona is not like any other temple, not only in Spain, but in the whole world. The most admired is usually the north face decorated with sculptures and the fantastic bell towers that resemble sand castles built by a giant. By ordering online tickets via Excurzilla and thus assuring yourself of passage without queue, you will get inside the cathedral and see:

  • interiors with stained-glass windows and unusual columns that resemble forest;
  • towers with observation decks (you can take the lift there);
  • museum that stores drawings, old photos and other exhibited objects related to the cathedral;
  • the crypt that is the underground part where, among other things, Gaudi's grave is located.

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