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Veliky Novgorod
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Individual and group tours in Russia

The sights of Russia are amaze with their diversity: without leaving the country, tourists can see the subtropics and taiga, baroque palaces and oriental mosques, temples of the 12th century and ancient settlements. Every year, millions of Englishs and foreigners go on a trip to take a sightseeing tour in Moscow, listen to the story of a private guide about the monuments and legends of St. Petersburg, explore the cities of the Golden Ring or fish on Lake Baikal. The list of the most popular tourist places for many years includes:

  • St. Petersburg. Not inferior in beauty to the most famous world tourist centers, the former capital have no peers in the number of cultural treasures in museums. It is no coincidence, that excursions can be found not only in English, but also in dozens of others languages, including Japanese and Chinese, at Palace Square and the Hermitage;
  • Peterhof and other palace complexes in the outskirts of St. Petersburg;
  • Moscow. For some, this is primarily Red Square, for some - Bulgakov’s places, for someone - the Tretyakov Gallery, but this metropolis makes a strong impression on everyone;
  • Cities of the Golden Ring. They should be visited in the company of a personal guide, who will tell you about all the sights (if you book an individual excursion on the Excurzilla portal, its cost will pleasantly surprise you);
  • Lake Baikal. It is not only the largest freshwater lake on Earth, but also one of the most beautiful;
  • Kamchatka: tourists are attracted by untouched nature, and especially geysers and volcanoes;
  • Kazan. The individuality of its appearance is due to the rich history and harmonious combination of eastern and English cultural traditions.

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