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Excursions with a personal guide in Greece

Greece provides opportunities for a wide variety of rest: at sea, in the mountains, healing, winter, and, of course, for excursions to the sights of ancient Hellas. There are a lot of historical monuments in Greece, and the stories, associated with them, cannot be counted, that is why excursions in English are so popular among our tourists. A personal guide will tell you about the rich history of places such as:

Every corner of Greece breathes history, events occurred everywhere, which are known from epic poems, and every small town boasts, that some legendary hero born in it.

The most popular place for sightseeing tours – ancient Athens with the famous Parthenon and other sights, preserved from antiquity. Thessaloniki is interesting as a city with well-preserved sights of the later Byzantine era - excursions of them with personal guide are also very informative and interesting. And the numerous islands of the Aegean Sea allow to combine a beach rest with a rich excursion program.

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