Tours with English-speaking guides in Rhodes

The Greek island of Rhodes is not called the pearl of the Mediterranean for nothing. It meets tourists with carved coasts, among which there are many cozy coves with comfortable sandy beaches. During a highlight tour in English of the island, you can admire the beauties of nature, architectural monuments and connect with the ancient history.

The administrative centre of the Rhodian community and at the same time the largest settlement is the city of Rhodes. Its oldest and the most historically important part with numerous sightseeing sites is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

It was the port city of Rhodes where one of the Seven Wonders of the World - the legendary Colossus of Rhodes - was located. The statue of the god of the Sun Helios was made of clay and covered with bronze sheets. It was a solid metal frame inside. According to some reports, the height of the monument exceeded 30 meters. It could be seen even from ships passing away. Unfortunately, tours to the famous Colossus of Rhodes are not held. The Wonder of the World has not survived to this day after all.

You can plan a guided tour accompanied by a private guide using the "Excurzilla" service. The system will offer the most convenient options of visit for the price and time:

  • medieval blocks of Rhodes;
  • the castle in Rhodes;
  • the Archaeological Museum;
  • the Monolithos Castle;
  • the Valley of the Butterflies.

An English-speaking guide will take you to the most interesting corners of the city and tell you about unique facts from its past and present.

When traveling around the island of Rhodes, do not miss the opportunity to taste the colourful local dishes. They are cooked using seafood, olives, flavoring herbs, and fresh vegetables. A cup of Greek-style coffee will help you feel a surge of energy for new trips.

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