Individual and group tours to Kazan

Kazan is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, an amazing city of two languages, two religions, two rivers. A modern metropolis with a thousand-year history, in which Orthodox churches harmoniously coexist with Muslim mosques. Kazan is the best proof that people of different faiths and nationalities can live in friendship and develop their city together.

Ancient Kazan has something to show its guests. There are many attractions here, and you can visit the main ones during a city tour. You are better to go on tour accompanied by an experienced guide who will tell you closely and fascinatingly about each sight, he will answer all your questions. In the first instance, in Kazan, you should visit:

  • the Kazan Kremlin Museum Reserve, which was founded in the 10-11 centuries. The sight is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you can see the falling tower of Söyembikä, the majestic Annunciation Cathedral and the Kul Sharif mosque, the Cannon Yard complex, a monument to the Kazan Kremlin architects;
  • Bauman Street, the main tourist street of the city. This is a pedestrian zone with many shops and restaurants, which also has: the bell tower of the Epiphany Cathedral, the Kazan Meridian (zero kilometer), the monument to Catherine’s carriage, the Pigeons fountain, the Horse in the Coat monument, Zilant the Dragon monument, the Kazan cat monument, the Frogs fountain;
  • Staro-Tatarskaya Sloboda with colorful old streets;
  • a fabulously beautiful cascade of fountains built for the city's millennial anniversary;
  • temple of all religions (Ecumenical Church), an interesting example of eclectic architecture. Its construction was started in 1992.

And this is only a small part of what should be seen in Kazan. To make your acquaintance with the city as intense as possible, the local guide will plan an individual tour program based on your preferences. So, architecture lovers will surely be impressed by a visit to the Admiralty Office complex; the complex of buildings of the Kazan Theological School; Osokin's house; Rodion Institute of Noble Maidens; Lutheran Catherine Church; Chernoyarovsky Passage; Isanbaevs' house.

Those who are interested in Orthodox religious buildings need to go on a guided tour of the Peter and Paul Cathedral, built in 1723-1726. in honor of the visit to the city of Peter the Great; Zilantov Assumption Monastery, Kazan Bogoroditsky Monastery, Kazan John the Baptist Monastery. The most significant Muslim mosques include the Al-Marjani Mosque, Galeevskaya, Apanaevskaya, Azimovskaya, Sultanovskaya.

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