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Belgium - excursions of popular cities

Little Belgium is a mecca for fans of military history and picturesque landscapes, as well as lovers of beer and sweet tooth. Excursions to Belgium are an opportunity to see impressive medieval castles (there are more than 3000 of them in this country), to visit the battlefields of two world wars, to explore the collections of a wide variety of museums.

In the company of a English-speaking guide , this West European country will become more accessible for you. With him, you could not only comprehend its cultural wealth, but also relax in any of the 1,000 world-class breweries or treat yourself to an unforgettable chocolate tour.

In addition to the mandatory sightseeing tour of Brussels, Excurzilla recommends:

  • take a boat trip along the canals of atmospheric Bruges;
  • admire the rocky coasts of upper Maas;
  • visit the Rubens house in Antwerp;
  • take a picture with the iconic Gothic churches in Ghent;
  • examine Mons from the 87-meter bell tower of the 17th century (the all-knowing guide will tell you why it was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List);
  • be inspired by the magnificent flora of the Leuven Botanical Garden;
  • bask on the sandy beach of the famous resort Knokke-Heiste.

Taking into account, that the cost of excursions in English in Belgium is quite high, plan them in the spring (from April to June) or autumn (from September to October). This will provide you with three bonuses at once: tangible cost savings, fine weather and the absence of crowds of tourists. If you like Christmas fairs, then you should come to Belgium in December: Bruges and Ghent are truly magical at this time.

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