Exciting excursions in English language in Brugge

"Medieval Tale", "Pearl of the Flaming Gothic", "Flemish Venice "- that is what the Belgian city of Brugge is called, trying to convey its unique appearance. Bruggepertains to those cities that captivate even a sophisticated tourist literally from the first minutes of a sightseeing tour, and it has a special charm due to the reflection of magnificent buildings in the waters of countless canals. From the 14-15th century, the central part of the city has not changed much, and, walking along the cobblestone-paved streets with an English -speaking guide, you can easily feel like a time traveler. However, Brugge is not only a brilliant past, but also a very tasty present: the city is famous for its beer and chocolate.

What to see

Not a single group or individual excursion in Brugge is complete without such sightseeing as:

  • Belfort. This medieval tower of 83 m hight, sung in verse and captured in films, is rightfully considered a symbol of the city;
  • Church of Our Lady. The church, which became the tomb of the Dukes of Burgundy, is famous for its paintings, interiors and sculpture by Michelangelo;
  • The Town Hall, built in the 15th century: the beauty of its facades competes with the luxury of interior decoration;
  • Basilica of the Holy Blood. It owes its name to the relic stored in it - the blood of Christ brought in the 12th century. ;
  • Beginage. The representatives of the Beguines society once lived in this complex of picturesque buildings;
  • Grote Markt. On the main square of the city you can not only admire the monuments of architecture, but also taste authentic Belgian cousine in one of the restaurants or cafes;
  • St. John's Hospital. For eight centuries it served as a hospital, and today it is turned into a museum;
  • Museums: Gruninge (it has a magnificent collection of paintings); dedicated to the Flemish life and interiors of the 15-17th centuries. Gruuthuse, the Archaeological Museum, as well as the Museum of Beer and Chocolate.

In the price of the tour in English language, some guides include one of the favorite entertainments of the inhabitants of Brugge- a motorboat trip along the canals of the city.

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