Excursions with private guide in St. Petersburg

Is it worth talking about how proud Russia is of its northern capital? Thousands or millions of enthusiastic reviews from foreigners from all over the world who literary flood St. Petersburg, especially in summer. Sometimes, walking in the city center, you can catch yourself thinking that there are no excursions in Russian in the former Leningrad. There are only foreigners around. What to say about foreign guests, if every Russian sooner or later puts St. Petersburg on the first place in the map of his tourist wishes.

The huge flow of tourists must match the large variety of local sights. And in St. Petersburg, it does. You can hardly see all the sightseeing sites in one trip. Probably you shouldn't try that. Then there's another reason to return to the northern capital.

It is better to make an appointment with a guide in advance, to study the list of the main attractions of the cultural capital and choose the most interesting for yourself. Prices for guide services and excursions should be clarified shortly before arrival.

It is probably impossible to list all the sights of the city on the Neva and the region, but it is possible to highlight the main ones:

  • complex of buildings on Palace Square;
  • the sacred Alexander Nevsky Lavra;
  • Petergof;
  • Russian Museum;
  • moveable bridges;
  • Hermitage;
  • colorful St. Isaac's Cathedral;
  • Kazan Cathedral building;
  • Russian cruiser Aurora (museum);
  • Kunstkamera;
  • Mariinsky Palace and Theatre;
  • Dostoevsky Museum;
  • Peter and Paul Fortress;
  • Neva tours;
  • Smolny Cathedral.

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