Fascinating walks with a personal guide in Moscow

Moscow is not only the main city of country, a huge metropolis, it is also a real open-air museum. There is a huge number of historical and cultural monuments, sights associated with ancient times and modernity on territory of Moscow. A few excursions are not enough for a detailed acquaintance with Moscow, but they can give a large amount of unique and interesting information if you spend them with an experienced guide. Even before a trip to capital, you can make a plan of routes that include the most important and famous sights that characterize the history and culture of city. The low cost of excursion programs will allow you to see many interesting places in a short time.

What is the first thing to see in Moscow?

The main sights give an idea of different pages of the capital's life. It is worth visiting the sights during the tour, guide will tell you a lot of facts about each object:

  • Red Square;
  • Lenin's Mausoleum;
  • Saint Basil the Blessed;
  • the Kremlin of Moscow;
  • the Bolshoi Theatre;
  • Monument to Minin and Pozharsky;
  • Manezh Square;
  • Kuznetsky Most;
  • Old Arbat;
  • Moscow International Business Center;
  • VDNKh (All-Union Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy) ;
  • Ostankino Tower;
  • Moscow Zoo.

The idea of the capital will be incomplete if you do not go on excursions to the museums of capital, do not visit the vicinities of Moscow, where there are luxury Palace and Park complexes, cozy old estates.

Individual and group excursions in Moscow with guide

Observation excursion will be interesting not only for guests of the capital, but also for many of its residents. During a walk or bus ride, you can hear from a personal guide new facts, information about history of streets and squares, life of Moscow residents, famous all over the world. The city's sights cover with numerous interesting legends that support the unique atmosphere of this ancient city.

Familiarity with temples and squares of the capital, with exhibits of many museums, palaces and landscaped parks will allow for a fresh look at the city, which is written so many books and filmed a lot of movies.

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