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Excursions with a personal guide in Japan

Japan is an island state in eastern Asia, including 6.8 thousand islands. Its inhabitants admire national traditions, but very much appreciate innovative ideas. Japan is a unique culture and unique architecture embodied in ancient Buddhist temples and pagodas; unhurried tea ceremonies and delicate blooming sakura; lovely geisha and courageous samurai; Kabuki Theater and Sumo wrestlers. Several types of tourism are developed here: beach, active, wellness. And of course, a great excursion program is offered. The cost of a rest in Japan does not make it affordable for everyone. But knowing this country remains in memory for term of life!

In Japan there are many historical and architectural monuments, museums, unique modern buildings. To visit the maximum number of sights, it makes sense to book an excursion with a English-speaking guide, who will make the best route taking into account your interests. In the Japanese capital - Tokyo are recommended for visiting:

  • numerous old castles and temples;
  • National Museum,
  • National Museum of Western Art,
  • Museum of Japanese folk art,
  • Museum of calligraphy,
  • Meiji shrine treasure Museum,
  • Tokyo TV tower, 333 m high,
  • zoo.

The excursions to the sacred mountain of Fuji, which is 90 km from Tokyo are also popular. Around it there is a national park, and there are many sanctuaries in it.

List of sights of Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, is able to impress the most sophisticated tourists. There are more than two thousand ancient temples and shrines here! Many cultural monuments are in the cities of Nikko, Nara, Osaka. A leisurely, well-thought-out excursion with a private guide will help you to feel the spirit of Japan, understand and love this country.

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