Exciting walks with a private guide in Tokyo

The capital ofJapan with its futuristic landscapes seems like a city from a fantastic movie: people come here not so much for the monuments of the past as to feel like a time traveler in the future. And since 14 million Tokyo is a metropolis, comparable in scale with the ocean, “to embark on a voyage”, in other words, a tour of it is better only in a company of English-speaking personal guide, who will show the most interesting places of the city and reveal its secrets.

What to look at

In Tokyo, everything is so different from the usual standards that tourists during a sightseeing tour of Tokyo with equal excitement take pictures of both sights and the usual urban environment: skyscrapers, public transport, vending machines, signs and even sewer hatches. However, there are a number of monuments and sites, the visit to which can be considered mandatory. They are:

  • Edo Castle. Strictly speaking, this is not a castle, it's a huge palace and park complex including an emperor's palace, parks, bridges and ancient watchtowers;
  • Asakusa district: its monuments bring tourists to Japan of the 17th century;
  • Meiji Shrine. Visiting it will allow you to admire the unique architecture and get acquainted with the religious customs of the Japanese;
  • famous Shibuya Crossing, immortalized in millions of pictures;
  • broadcasting tower Tokyo Skytree: on its 52nd floor is the best observation point in Tokyo;
  • Akihabara district is a true shopping paradise (ask your guide to show you not only the largest shopping malls, but also shops for anime and manga fans);
  • Harajuku Street, famous for its fashion boutiques and unusually dressed Japanese youth companies;
  • Shinjuku District: you should come here in the evening to see the shining lights of countless bars, karaoke clubs, cafes and restaurants;
  • Hamarikyu Happoen gardens.

What to do

After acquaintance with the monuments of Tokyo, it is definitely worth visiting one of its museums (Excurzilla especially recommends the National Museum and Museum of Edo era), attending a performance at Kabuki Dza Theatre, riding super modern cars in the Toyota exhibition center and plunging into a hot bath in a onsen bathhouse. By engaging in traditional culture as much as possible, you can move on to more familiar pleasures: tasting Japanese cuisine and shopping. If you are not afraid of high prices, go to the boutiques of the Ginza district, and if you need gadgets and the latest electronics, the shops and shopping centers of Shinjuku district are waiting for you.

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