Excursions in Kyoto from local guides

Kyoto is ancient capital of Japan, where the Emperor's Retreat was located for thousands of years. This city is the guardian of country's traditional sights. In terms of spiritual heritage, it surpasses even current capital of Japan, Tokyo.

There are many historical and cultural sites in Kyoto. Fascinating excursion in English language with a personal guide will help you get acquainted with the most remarkable of them. To see Kyoto in all its grandeur, Excurzilla recommends visiting the following sights:

  •  Buddhist temple Kinkaku-ji ("Deer Garden Temple");
  • the rock garden of monastery Ryoan-ji;
  • Ginkaku-ji (Temple of the Silver Pavilion);
  • Nijo Castle;
  • Museum Asukayama and others.

In total, there are 17 ancient temples and many other architectural monuments in Kyoto, many of which are protected by UNESCO. You can visit it during a observation excursion of the city, the cost of which is quite affordable. In addition to ancient buildings, there are also notable modern buildings, such as the railway station, designed in a futuristic style, or Kyoto Tower with a viewing platform, which offers a spectacular view of the city in Kyoto.

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