Tickets to the Colosseum: jump the queue

Almost two thousand of years ago gladiators fought, the first Christians were killed, given to lions, and sand of the arena was stained with innocent blood at various times in this place. In the middle ages this huge amphitheater, built by the Roman emperors Vespasian and Titus, once was a fortress of feudal lords as well as a source of building material. But these days few tourists will refuse to visit this landmark, which has become one of the symbols of Rome. The Colosseum, known to everyone from millions of photos and videos, is the genuine key to history of the Eternal City, and therefore there are always queues at the ticket offices, where its entrance tickets are sold. If you do not want to stand in them for at least half an hour, just buy online tickets via Excurzilla and go straight to the Colosseum. You will see:

  • the arena where dramatic scenes were played;
  • the lower and upper levels: they held seats for 85 thousand spectators;
  • the underground level - tunnels and rooms where gladiators trained;
  • a panorama of Rome from a height of 50 m, i.e. 12-storey building.

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