The best must-see places in Canada

Each country has its own "chips" and distinctive symbols. Canada is known for maple leaf and hockey. However, there are interesting cities and sights that you need to see live.


Since 1931, the Vancouver Art Gallery has been operating in the city, which will delight art connoisseurs. The metropolis is rich in museums, amazing architectural monuments and exhibitions, so lovers of cultural recreation come here.

Vancouver hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics. That is why the sports structures built for this event also attract. The city center with modern buildings and old buildings is great for walking.


A large settlement is located in the province of Quebec. Montreal has a unique architectural heritage. The old port with the central area is known for its beautiful houses. Since 2006, it has the status of "City of Design" in UNESCO, so there are enough historical monuments here.

Niagara Falls

One of the most famous and popular attractions on the planet. The waterfall complex on the Niagara River is the international border between Canada and the United States, namely between the province of Ontario and the state of New York.

This water system is interesting for such waterfalls as American, Horseshoe, Canadian, and also Veil. The starting point for the development of this amazing place is the Wisconsin glaciation, which occurred 6000 years earlier.


Largest Canadian metropolis. Toronto is interesting for its amazing architecture, which combines different styles and eras. First of all, the city is famous for the CN Tower, which stretches up almost 554 meters. For a long time, the building was the tallest on the planet, but in 2007, a building in Dubai took the first line. The tower in Toronto performs communication functions, and is also an excellent observation deck.


Quebec is famous for its beautiful skies and skyline. Grand Hotel Chateau Frontenac will delight guests with the best view. The building resembles a medieval castle from France. The hotel adorns Cape Diamant on the coast of the St. Lawrence River.

The hotel has been designated a National Historic Site since 1981. In addition to it, there are 36 more historical monuments in the city, most of which are located in Old Quebec. The European spirit literally fills the area.

Notre Dame de Quebec is a must-see Catholic cathedral. The temple in Canada is considered one of the oldest. In 1923, after a massive fire, the building was rebuilt using plaster, steel and concrete. The interior, designed between 1786 and 1822 by Jean Baillairge and his son, is rich in various works of art.


A small resort in Alberta. Banff is considered the most popular tourist attraction in the country. The town is famous for its healing springs and mountains. Banff is appreciated by lovers of active entertainment.

It is also worth admiring Lake Minnewanka and appreciating the grandeur of Tunnel Mountain, in which they once wanted to make a tunnel to lay the Pacific Railroad. However, the idea did not materialize, and the name stuck. Banff is also famous for its numerous festivals that take place throughout the year.


Victoria is famous among tourists for its multiple gardens. Beacon Hill Park stands out in particular, where playgrounds and a zoo are located.

From here you can admire the beautiful Olympic mountains. This city has beautiful architecture. Be sure to visit the Royal Museum, the parliamentary building and the Gothic Cathedral of Christ.

Lake Louise

It is part of Banff National Park. In the summer, people come here to enjoy the stunning view. In winter, the lake is great for ice fishing, dog sledding or even ice skating.


The Canadian capital, which has been spread since 1826 on the coast of the river of the same name. Many architectural buildings are made in a strict style, although there are exceptions. The parliament building was built under the influence of romanticism with gothic elements. Ottawa is known for having height restrictions on houses. Thus, the capital retains a peculiar appearance.


A resort town in British Columbia. Millions of travelers come to Whistler every year for snowboarding and skiing. In 2010, Whistler hosted ski tournaments as part of the Winter Olympics.

There are brown bears that are accustomed to people and already easily open car doors. Therefore, it is important to always be alert. Despite its severity, tourist Canada attracts with fun, extreme sports, charming nature, so you should definitely visit this amazing country.