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Excursions with English-speaking guides in Thailand

Tourist Thailand is known from different sides. Someone visit the country because of the most ancient temples and religious shrines. There are tourists, who choose beach rest, entertainment establishments and the most famous transvestite shows in the world. Herein, it is difficult to imagine a visit to Thailand without a sightseeing tour of Bangkok. Excurzilla offers a large selection of such mini-travel programs as part of a group of tourists, or as part of an individual tour with a English-speaking guide.

The list of mandatory tourist sites in Thailand to visit includes:

  • the ruins of an ancient city of Ayutthay;
  • the palace complex of Bangkok (royal);
  • hot springs in the San Camphaeng district;
  • island of paradise Samui;
  • Buddhist White Temple;
  • historical park in Sukatai;
  • statue of the Big Buddha;
  • entertaining Walking street boulevard and many others.

A guide can also orient you in choosing excursion programs. He will not only conduct an interesting excursion in English, but will also tell you the prices for these or those entertainments in Thailand.

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