Excursions to Oskar Shindler's Enamel Factory in English

The dramatic events of the Second world war are recalled by one of the most memorable excursions in Krakow, connected with attending the former Oskar Shindler's Factory. Even if you have not watched the famous Spielberg's film "Shindler's List", due to the detailed story of the English-speaking guide you will learn everything about noble actions of this manufacturer that saved about 1200 Hebrews from Nazi concentration camps. Museum was opened on the territory of the factory in 2010. By purchasing e-tickets via Excurzilla you will be able to jump the queue and see the sections of the exhibition dedicated to:

  • Shindler's biography and history of his factory;
  • life of Krakow before and during the World war II;
  • the fate of the city's jewish community;
  • the struggle of members of the underground against the Nazi occupation.

Visitors are presented with a lot of authentic things, documents and photos that were witnesses of the terrible time when the price of human life fell to zero. And the fact that exhibition is held in the factory, that preserves the memory of the tragic past, creates a very special atmosphere in the museum.

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