Sightseeing and thematic excursions in Trieste

Trieste is a truly unique city. It is possible to fully realize this already during the first sightseeing tour. The controversial history influenced the appearance of Trieste - from the era of antiquity and the influence of the Roman Empire to the legacy of Austria-Hungary and modern Italy. Here it is possible to find examples of ancient Roman architecture, monumental structures of the times of the Austrian Empire.

Excurzilla recommends starting the excursion route from Unity of Italy Square - several architectural monuments are located here at once. Municipal Palace and Palace of Modello, a statue of Charles VI and the fountain of the Four Continents, the Giuseppe Verdi Theater and the Palace of Stratti. Together with the English-speaking guide it is possible to visit the museums of the city - natural history, modern art, weapons, post and telegraph, etc. Literature lovers should visit the house, where James Joyce wrote his famous "Ulysses". Do not deny yourself the gastronomic pleasures - the local cuisine is famous for the combination of Italian and Austrian influences, and the number of coffee recipes here goes beyond all limits.

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