Excursions in English in Florence

Home to artists, poets and philanthropists, Florence is among the most romantic places in Italy. The city is very small: you can walk around it in a couple of days or so. But how beautiful it is! A sightseeing tour will help you not to miss the most important and solve all the secrets of the flower city, which glorified the mighty family of Medici and the great thinker Dante.

The sights of Florence

The city is famous for its incredible number of museums, tiny squares, where it feels so good to drink coffee, and ancient basilicas. Excursions in English with a private guide will be the best way to get to know the city. And here's what you can look at with the guide:

  • Uffizi Gallery — one of the most important European museums (it has Botticelli's famous painting “The Birth of Venus”).;
  • Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flower;
  • Palazzo Davanzati erected in the 14th century;
  • Ponte Vecchio – the oldest bridge in town;
  • Basilica of Saint Lawrence with the tomb of the Medici family, etc.

Not many would refuse a tour of the Dante Alighieri House-Museum and the Boboli Gardens, with their elegant terraces and fountains, would be the ideal place to walk on hot summer days.

What to do in Florence

It's great to come to Florence to immerse yourself in dolce far niente – “sweet idleness”. Leisurely sitting in a cafe, shopping, looking for the best steak Bistecca alla fiorentina (prices on which starting from €35-40). And personal guides will help you to touch the beauty and learn all the secrets of the city.

In addition to excursions, tourists are recommended to taste the fragrant Tuscan wines and stroll through the “brought to life” decorations of Roberto Benigna drama “Life is beautiful” in the town of Arezzo.

After dinner and excursion programs there is not much to do in the city. Having an infinite number of virtues, Florence has only one drawback: the lack of modern culture with parties and concerts. However, don't deny yourself the pleasure of visiting the bar of Tasso hostel, where all local intellectuals – poets, musicians and artists from all over the world – spend dark evenings.

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