Highlight and themed tours in Palermo

Palermo is a city of contrasts, as you can see at the first highlight tour. Here the most beautiful palace complexes, churches, and temples are adjacent to fashionable hotels and boutiques with dizzying prices. There is a unique atmosphere completed with inexhaustible energy and randomness. The rich history of Palermo, which has known periods of rule by the Phoenicians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, and Normans, is reflected in the greatest examples of architecture, which definitely should be included in the tour route. Traveling with a personal guide in Palermo, you can see Arab mosques turned into churches, Renaissance palaces, wander through typical "Istanbulian" streets.

The historic centre of Palermo is considered to be the second largest in Italy. Among the places that definitely must be included in the tour there is:

  • the Norman Palace;
  • the Villa Palagonia;
  • the Cuba Palace and the Zisa;
  • the Church of San Cataldo and the Church of Saint Mary of the Admiral;
  • Palermo Cathedral;
  • the Palatine Chapel;
  • the Pretoria fountain;
  • San Giuseppe dei Teatini.

During the tour in English a guide will introduce you to the history of the famous square of Quattro Canti and the creepy history of the Capuchin catacombs. Going on an walk on your own, you can see Teatro Massimo, which is famous for the largest operatic stage in Italy, visit the Marionette Museum, or make a real raid on the city's restaurants, in each of which you can fully enjoy all the delights of a varied island cuisine.

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