Individual and group excursions to Rimini

The streets of this city are still remembered by Julius Caesar, but Rimini least of all resembles an open-air museum, revived only during excursions and celebrations. This is a modern and dynamic resort that attracts tourists with its splendid beaches and the beauty of streets and squares. To get a complete picture of Rimini, you should definitely order a sightseeing tour with an English-speaking guide and see the main sights of the city, namely:

  • Arch of Augustus, built in 27 BC and supplemented with battlements in the Middle Ages;
  • the Bridge of Tiberius, which is already 2 thousand years old;
  • the Square of ​​the Three Martyrs and the Square of Cavour;
  • the Fortress of Sigismondo, belonging to the genus Malatesta : he ruled in Rimini during the Renaissance;
  • Tempio Malatestiano - a cathedral, the13th Century Gothic masterpiece .;
  • "Italy in Miniature" park;
  • Fellini park , named after the great film producer, a native of Rimini.

Shopping lovers are recommended by Excurzilla to go on a guided tour in the nearby tiny republic of San Marino: due to the lack of The fees are much lower than in Italy .

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