Excursions in Syracuse from local guides

Syracuse is famous for its numerous architectural monuments, which, despite all the historical peripeteia, managed to be well preserved. Already in the first minutes of the excursion of the archaeological park "Neapolis" in English with a personal guide, it is breathtaking from the abundance and variety of sights. At the same time, Syracuse is not only a paradise for lovers of antiquities, but also a modern resort with elegant hotels, excellent cafes and everything, that is necessary for a pleasant pastime.

Tourists usually book two excursions: of the "Neapolis" park and of the city. During the first, the guide tells them the history of the city and shows the Greek theater, the Roman amphitheater, the Ear of Dionysius, the altar of Hieron and other monuments of antiquity. During the second, sightseeing tour, tourists come to know other sights:

  • Archimedes square;
  • the cathedral;
  • church of St. Lucia;
  • palaces of Vermeksio and Moniace;
  • the catacombs of San Giovanni.

As an added entertainment, Excurzilla recommends a mini cruise around Ortigia Island and visit a unique puppet museum.

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