The most popular attractions in Greece

Greece... Perhaps, at the mention of this particular country, the imagination draws mythical statues of ancient gods, heroes, battles of warriors and the Olympic Games. Greece can rightly be called the cradle of history, even its sights testify to this, which will be discussed in this article.

Acropolis in Athens. Perhaps there is not a single tourist who has been to Athens and has not visited the Acropolis of Athens. This is one of the most famous and ancient sights that wars, natural disasters and people could not destroy. The Acropolis is a kind of fortress built on a hill. Once it was the residence of the king. Now this place is literally holy and receives millions of tourists every year.

Panathinaikos (Athens). This ancient white marble building is a huge stadium where the world's first Olympic Games were held. Its excavations and reconstruction were carried out about 200 years ago. It should be noted that this stadium is still functioning, since not only sports competitions are held here, but also concerts are given.

Temple of Olympian Zeus (Athens). Of course, now this building is almost completely destroyed, historians say that this happened due to an earthquake. However, even now you can enjoy its greatness and huge size, because the temple is several times larger than even the most famous Parthenon. The construction of the temple lasted for about 6 centuries, but now you can only admire the remaining corner of the temple, consisting of 14 columns.

Navagio beach (Zante). It was unexpected that among the majestic temples, stadiums and entire policies, the beach got into the sights of Greece, but it is worth the attention of tourists. This beach is hidden from prying eyes and in no way, except for a boat trip, you will not get to it. The beach is a semicircle surrounded by rocks on three sides. The sand here is golden and the water is crystal clear. Truly, we can say that a human hand has not reached here, so this beach is a real find for those who want to relax alone and enjoy the beautiful nature.

Lake Melissani (Kefalonia). Another attraction that was not created by human hands. Lake Melissani is a lake located inside a cave. The water here is so clean and transparent that you can see the bottom even at a depth of 10 meters.

In fact, the entire area of the cave is occupied only by the lake, it is not very large. As a result of the earthquake, a gap was formed here, thanks to which the cave is illuminated by daylight. The lake is shrouded in many secrets and legends and is one of the most popular places among couples in love.

Rhodes. This city, built about 2500 years ago, is rightfully called an open-air museum, because even after so many years it preserves and protects the history of Greece.

Currently, the city is conditionally divided into 2 parts: a modern tourist center and the so-called Old Town, where valuable cultural monuments have been preserved. It is in this place that the ruins of the famous statue - the Colossus of Rhodes - are located.