Local guides about the best attractions of Tbilisi

English tourists know firsthand about the hospitality and magnanimity of locals of Georgia. That is why it is not so difficult to find an English-speaking guide among the locals of Tbilisi. It is good if the guide is someone from the older generation. These are adult, responsive people, they love their city, know every street, and can tell you really interesting facts about the history of the Georgian capital.

Not only historical and architectural attractions are of interest in Tbilisi but also, for example, the national cuisine. A guide from the locals, who knows English, will tell you and demonstrate by means of his example how wine is made and khachapuri is shaped in Georgia. Tours can take place on the territory of the cellars of famous winemakers of Tbilisi.

The main tour sites that you can not miss after visiting Tbilisi include:

  • sulfur baths in the Abanotubani Quarter;
  • the rocky gorge and the waterfall in the centre of the city;
  • the Square of Vakhtang Gorgasali;
  • the pedestrian street of Shardeni;
  • the sightseeing platform and the Metekhi Church;
  • the cable car and Narikala;
  • the monument "Mother of Georgia";
  • the Sololaki district;
  • the Freedom Square;
  • the puppet theatre;
  • the Bridge of Peace and the picturesque Rike Park;
  • the cathedral;
  • the sightseeing platform on the Mtatsminda Mountain;
  • the heritage museum;
  • Lisi Lake;
  • the reservoir, popularly called the Tbilisi sea;
  • Mtskheta;
  • Signagi.

Attractions in Tbilisi are seen everywhere. You can just measuredly walk around the city and look at historical sites, coloured stained-glass windows, and sculptures. But the guide in the form of a hospitable local of the capital of Georgia will not only show the main tourist destinations but also complete the trip with interesting facts.

After the highlight tour of historical monuments, you can go to neighboring cities, for example, to Kakheti or Vardzia. This is how tourists can form their more common opinion about hospitable Georgia.

Tbilisi is a many-faced city. If the centre is surrounded by architectural heritage of various styles, the surroundings are full of picturesque corners and natural monuments. Tourists can go on tours to caves and ancient temples, monasteries or mineral springs of the Borjomi resort.

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