Exciting walks with a personal guide in Kutaisi

Sightseeing tours in Kutaisi will be appreciated by lovers of ancient temples, monasteries and picturesque corners of nature. There are many museums in and around the city whose exhibits are protected by UNESCO. Thousands of tourists are attracted by the Caucasian charm, excellent cuisine, an interesting history and affordable prices to the Georgian town, while Excurzilla recommends places to visit:

  • White Bridge over the Rioni River;
  • Bagrati Cathedral;
  • futuristic building of the Georgian parliament;
  • Motsameta Monastery;
  • Sataplia Strict Nature Reserve;
  • cableway.

Many people speak English in the city, there are English-speaking guides who, as part of the excursion program, will tell interesting facts about Kutaisi and its environs, make stops in the most picturesque locations.

You should definitely go outside the city to take a walk at the canyons of Okatse and Martvili, see the magnificent Kinchkha Waterfall, immerse yourself in the mysterious atmosphere of Sataplia and Prometheus caves. Local guides will introduce you to the highest European community of Ushguli, organize a tour to the Sairme balneological resort, where at an affordable price you can visit the spa center or lie in the baths.

For nature lovers, it will be interesting to attend Sataplia Nature Reserve. This is a unique place with relict forests, karst caves and preserved traces of dinosaurs. Temple lovers are offered guided tours of churches and monasteries (Bagrati Church, Gelati and Mozamet Monasteries).

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