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In Georgia, there was a place for the sea, mountains, old cities, pastoral lakes and forests. The program of excursions of this country can be no less rich and fascinating than in Western Europe. At the same time, the cost of the trip is much lower, by what Georgia also attracts tourists. Most of all for sightseeing tours they come to such cities as:

  • Tbilisi;
  • Batumi;
  • Gori;
  • Poti;
  • Zugdidi;
  • Kutaisi.

The regions of Georgia are very different from each other. In Adjara, there are relict forests, warm beaches and excellent climate, it is suitable for resting by the sea, and for excursions. Batumi is full of sights: in this, the city will lose only to Tbilisi. In Mtskhete it is calm and there are many sacred places. In Guria, tourists will find temples of black stone, in Svaneti there are mountains and many towers, in Kakheti - vineyards and fortresses. The impressions of visiting these regions will be so diverse that it’s better to go several times, visiting one or two. Georgia is also a great place for lovers of mountain rest and healing springs.

There are many sights, both natural and man-made, here, but the main thing is not even them, but the friendly people living in this country. Georgians are famous for their hospitality, which will greatly enhance their impressions of the rest, and thanks to the common history, an excursion in English will be conducted here easily. A personal guide will tell all about the remarkable places, and the openness and hospitality of the Georgians, combined with the wonderful climate and diversity of the country will make you want to return here more than once.

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