Excursions with English-speaking guides in Istanbul

Istanbul is often referred to as a city of contrasts, a place where European and Asian cultures meet. That's what makes it unique and charming. And in order to feel this uniqueness, it is necessary to take more than one walk on the wonderful pearl of Turkey. An English-speaking guide, who knows Istanbul well and is in love with it, will help you to make a competent route and choose the most interesting directions. The excursion can be either group or individual, sightseeing or thematic. Each walk will open a new place, a new page of history, new sights.

The world of the ancient Turkish city is very special. It is a great historical and cultural monument, a treasury of masterpieces of architecture and applied arts. The center of its historical part is considered to be the area of Sultanahmet, which is located on a cape near the Golden Horn Waterway and the Bosporus Strait. This is a European part of the city, which can be seen in architecture, landscape. There are many famous sights in this area - the luxurious Blue Mosque, colorful Topkapı Palace, Hippodrome of Constantinople. An excursion in English to the area of Sultanahmet will necessarily include a visit to the main square of ancient Istanbul, where you can admire the ancient German Fountain, obelisks, preserved from Byzantine times. There are many Byzantine monuments in the city that will interest every traveler. You can ask a private guide about the history of each of the sights, their legends. From the European part the way will lead you to the Asian part, picturesque and noisy. Crowded bazaars, shops of craftsmen, trays of oriental sweets. Where else can you make the transition between two parts of the world so quickly? Only in this city, with properly organized routes and a professional guide.

Sightseeing tours through the streets, squares of the city give a basic idea of it, introduce you to the landscape, location of the main monuments of architecture, culture and history. During such a walk you can witness the life of the modern city and its citizens. Excursion programs may also be thematic, implying acquaintance with a certain object. They are popular and have reasonable prices. Which parts of the city are the most interesting for tourists?

  • Blue Mosque;
  • Süleymaniye Mosque;
  • Basilica Cistern;
  • Grand Bazaar;
  • Hagia Sophia;
  • Topkapı Palace;
  • Archaeological Museum and Museum of Modern Art;
  • Galata Tower;
  • Kız Kulesi (Maiden's Tower).

Each of the listed sights is a part of history of the country and the city, an illustration of life of people living here and their talent.

During the individual excursion with an English-speaking guide it is possible to make up a route for visiting the most interesting places. You definitely need to find time for a tour on the Bosphorus, during which you can see the most beautiful views of Istanbul.

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