Sightseeing and thematic tours in Hanover

Hanover is the capital of lower Saxony, a city whose history goes back centuries. During World War II, it was badly damaged, and although it has not been completely restored, tourists have something to see here.

Excurzilla offers sightseeing tours in English language to the most interesting places in Hanover. In the company of a personal guide you will see the magnificent buildings of the old and new town halls, the old Kepke clock is one of the symbols of the city.

The “Red Thread” route was created specifically for tourists. Its length is 4 km, the route includes visits to the most interesting sights. Tourists follow along the red line, which is drawn from Ernst-August Square and follows significant historical sites.

There are many museums in the city - the Sprengel Museum, August Kestner, Wilhelm Bush.

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