Excursions with a personal guide in Berlin

Berlin is not only a famous metropolis, but also a major cultural capital of Germany. This is where a large number of museums, ancient castles and theatres are concentrated. Every year tens of thousands of travelers come to the German city to see these unique sights.

Where do I go in Berlin

There are many must-visit places to visit for tourists who are visiting the famous German city:

  • Berlin Wall. It is considered to be the main sight of the city and usually included in every sightseeing tour. In order to understand the history of the German people better, it's exactly where you should start studying Berlin.
  • Brandenburg Gate. They serve as the main symbol and landmark of the city. In terms of its grandeur, this object built in Berlin's classicist style is often compared to the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Roman Colosseum;
  • Alexanderplatz. Popular square, located in the heart of Berlin. On its territory there is a fountain and a pedestrian zone, especially beloved by local youth;
  • Egyptian Museum. Its walls contain the richest collection of works of art left from the time of Ancient Egypt. It is worth taking an excursion here for Egyptian sarcophagi and an extensive collection of papyrus scrolls;
  • Berlin State Opera. An ideal place for cultural recreation, often hosting performances and concerts with world celebrities.

What can I see with the kids

Berlin has many interesting places for the youngest travelers:

  • Berlin Zoological Garden. There are over 13 thousand animals on its territory, including antelopes, gorillas and elephants;
  • Tropical Island Water Park. Located in the outskirts of Berlin. The attraction will give children incredible emotions;
  • AquaDom. This hotel will be interesting not only for children, but also for adults. Its windows offer an amazing view of the giant transparent cup with live sharks, fish and octopuses swimming in it.

Sightseeing with a private guide

Tourists can visit the objects of interest in Berlin on their own or with an experienced guide. In the first case, travelers will need to make their own route through the German city and be content only with the information in the guide. When ordering an excursion program, the tourists get more benefits. Their route through Berlin will be laid out through the most interesting places. During excursion the personal guide not only will show sights, but also will tell about their history, and share unique facts.

You can use the services of a personal guide in Berlin and order a tour in English at reasonable prices using the Excurzilla service.

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