The famous sights of New York

New York. If you say the name of the city out loud again, you can see how in the air it simply smells of freedom. A city free from prejudices. A city busy only itself. A city that falls in love with itself at first sight.

The Statue of Liberty

The very first place that most people want to see to visit this city, the incomparable Statue of Liberty, want to see. Many saw her in almost all films that were shot in this city, but not everyone happened to see her live. It is located on the island of the same name, but the most interesting fact is that it was presented to America France. 

The date, which is indicated on the plate in the hand of the statue, did not have time, and this is the day of adoption of the Declaration of Independence. It was installed only in 1886, and it was made in 1884 and transported in parts to America. Its height reaches 93 meters, and the weight is about 125 tons. In order to go upstairs, to go through a considerable number of steps or use the elevator. 

Inside is a museum, which is open to visitors absolutely free. The entrance is also free, the only thing they will take for you for you is only a steam that will help you get to the island.

The sights of New York

In New York, there are only places that should be visited, one of these is Manhattan. The area saturated with life offers to take a walk in a known Broadway, go to museums and visit the legendary Central Park. After all, you can feel like a star, just sitting on the central lawn in the park, because everyone knows that many popular films and series were shot here. 

Looking at the Belveder castle and a pond with turtles, which is located next to the castle. Walking further to visit Shakespeare's garden, because it is known that he himself planted a tree in 1602. After walking along the alleys, in the shadow of planted trees, you can relax next to the reservoir Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. 

Also in the central park you can visit the zoo, theater and various cafes and restaurants.

The bridge, which connects Manhattan and Brooklyn, is one of the attractions beloved for tourists over the East River. The length is about 1800 meters. Walking along the bridge, you can enjoy a chic view of the city, which opens for travelers and local residents.

For sports lovers, it is recommended to visit one of the most famous stadiums of the Medison-Square Garden. In addition to sporting events, other performances, such as concerts of famous groups, political debate and many others, often take place here.

Of course, everyone knows about the tragedy that occurred here in 2001. And in order to come into contact with the story, you must look at the 9/11 memorial, based on the site of skyscrapers that were subject to air attack. Now there are pools with waterfalls, a museum is located nearby.

In New York, a huge number of attractions that simply cannot be bypassed in one day. But it is necessary to visit this beautiful city in order to understand its history, to imbue the way of life and breathe a sip of freedom that he offers.