Landmarks of Pennsylvania

Landmarks of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a fairly large administrative unit of the United States. Its borders touch six states at the same time, so it seems that it is completely enveloped on all sides. But it is also worth emphasizing that there is no access to the Atlantic coast here. And speaking generally, this state stands out for its contrasts. There is a large amount of agricultural industry, which intersects with huge metropolitan areas. 

All together creates a certain atmosphere that is not repeated anywhere else. This is probably why Pennsylvania has so many tourists throughout the year. Of course, there are a number of attractions that are worth paying attention to in order to fully experience everything.

• Hickory Run National Park has its own charms. At the same time, this is a large field of unusual stones, under which water flows, as well as pedestrian scenic paths, and even the beaches of the lake. And if you visit this park in winter, then those very footpaths will be turned by nature into ski slopes. Therefore, lovers of snowboarding or skiing will feel at ease here. It is enough just to be in the park once to make you want to come back here again and again, especially if such hobbies are family. It definitely won't be boring here.

• A national recreation area sprawls between Pennsylvania and New Jersey. And if a tourist likes to enjoy nature, then this place will surely appeal to him with its huge number of attractions. Here you can ride a bike to see with your own eyes all the delights of nature, for example, forests of red Canadian cedar. There are also beaches along the river, so the tourist will have something to enjoy during such a walk around the recreation area.

And it is worth emphasizing that here is incredibly clean nature, without various modern interventions. Therefore, the air is filled with wonderful aromas that intersect with the light singing of birds. Beauty in all its glory.

• Bushkill Falls is one of Pennsylvania's top attractions. A truly natural wonder nestled in the beautiful Pocono Mountains. Throughout the Green Route, there are eight waterfalls at once, which are easy to see in 15 minutes.

And at the end of such a path there will be the main decoration of the place. And if you choose the Red Route, you will have a chance to get to know all 8 waterfalls in more detail and then enjoy the beautiful view of Bushkill at the end. It is sure to please both adult tourists and young children. This is probably why this place is chosen by families to relax even with the smallest children.

Pennsylvania has a huge number of beautiful places, it is impossible to see everything in one day.

Therefore, experts recommend allocating at least a few days for this business in order to fully learn all the details of the area and enjoy every little thing of the sights. And there is no need to fear for the financial condition of the family, because everything is very budgetary. All travelers can enjoy the beauties.