What you need to know before going on vacation to Istanbul - what are the best attractions to visit

Istanbul is a beautiful city with its own history and traditions. The city is extremely photogenic and delightful and is one of the largest cities in Turkey with a rich cultural heritage. Many museums tell the history of the city, its subtleties and culture. Various topics allow you to find something interesting for each of the tourists, and the topics include not only museums, but also vintage shops, the European part of the city and much more.

In Istanbul, it is convenient to travel by metro. One of the subway lines connects the European and Asian parts of the city, it is called MARMARAY and has a length of 13.6 km, of which 1.4 are laid under the Bosphorus.

Another important aspect to take advantage of is the purchase of an Istanbul Kart. With the help of it, significant savings will be made on travel, and travel with this card is possible on all modes of transport in Turkey.

The best time of the year to travel is spring or autumn. It is not recommended to come to Turkey at the height of the heat - in summer - due to the high tourist flow and high air temperature. Tourists are always welcome in this city. Although Turkey itself is an extremely hospitable country, Istanbul exceeds the scale of hospitality by several times.

Topkapi Palace

Topkapi Palace is the first must-see attraction in Istanbul. The palace is the residence of the Turkish sultans, it is endowed with luxury and insanely beautiful. The views of tourists on the palace can be called spellbound, because it is extremely interesting to plunge into that time and understand how the Ottoman sultans, their concubines lived, visit the harem and other components of the sights. The only disadvantage of visiting the palace is the inability to photograph the grandeur of the palace. But despite this, all the beauty and splendor will be remembered for a lifetime.

Kadikoy and Uskudar - what to see?

One day of rest should be allocated for a walk along the embankments and a walk on the ferry. A cruise on the Bosphorus will leave a lot of impressions. Sea air, smooth water, calmness and silence - what you need to relax after a long day of work and prolonged irritable factors. In the Kadikoy area, you will have a wonderful walk along the promenade, where you can admire the views from there and watch the locals. Another embankment can be visited in the Uskudar area, which offers views of the Bosphorus and the Maiden Tower, recommended for visiting at the end of a tourist day.

Vibrant streets of Istanbul

Colorful places with colored houses are another idea for a walk around Istanbul. Many beautiful aesthetic photos can be taken here. To do this, you need to go to the Balat area, walking along the Kiremit Caddesi street. The steep side street Merdivenli Yokus can be visited immediately after the first one. And the Incir Agaci Kahvesi cafe, next to which there is a remarkable colored staircase, will be an excellent end to a walking day in Istanbul.

Sulimaniye Mosque

The final place of our top attractions is the Sulimaniye Mosque. This mosque was built at the end of the 16th century for Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and is the largest religious complex of Islam. Here there is an opportunity to visit two mausoleums - the mausoleum of the Sultan and the mausoleum of his wife - Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska Sultan. The interior will definitely leave no doubt for admiration. The inner yard is not that big, but it is also worth seeing.

The city of two continents will remain deep in the soul forever. Vivid impressions, delicious cuisine, a cup of coffee, a small cruise on the Bosphorus - all this is an integral part of a holiday in Istanbul.