Holidays in Indonesia - the best choice for active people

Holidays in Indonesia - the best choice for active people

Indonesia is an excellent travel choice for those people who prefer both active and passive holidays. So, for fans of passive recreation, there are the most beautiful, cleanest beaches, unforgettable nature and excellent, first-class service that will fully relieve you of all sorts of worries and daily hassles.

As for those who like to relax actively, there are exciting excursions, yacht trips, diving and surfing. For active people, the range of various entertainment in Indonesia is so great that it will even be difficult for them to decide.

Tour operators in Indonesia traditionally offer you last-minute trips to Bali, an island with beautiful sea beaches, exciting excursions to mysterious ancient temples, and amazingly beautiful boat trips.

The climate of Indonesia is maritime equatorial. It is warm and sunny here almost at any time of the year. The average air temperature in Indonesia is 27 degrees Celsius. The influx of tourists to Indonesia is traditional from May to October. So, it is at this time that there is practically no precipitation.

We also want to separately evaluate all the sights of Indonesia. The state is traditionally considered the country of a thousand islands. 

With all this, each Indonesian island has a special atmosphere, has its own history and its own zest. Among all the attractions of this state, we recommend that you visit the volcanoes on the island of Java, as well as ancient palaces and temples.

You will need a visa and passport to visit Indonesia. When obtaining a visa, you will need to provide a certificate of marital status, residence permit, 2 photos, a certificate of employment and a passport. 

The entire procedure for opening a visa usually lasts no more than five working days.

As noted above, tour operators in Indonesia most often offer their visitors to go on vacation to Indonesia to the island of Bali. Yes, it is understandable: this paradise island is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent.