Amazing Czech Republic

Amazing Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is conveniently located in the heart of Europe. The landscape of the Czech Republic is characterized by uplands and hills, there are natural lakes and rivers. The unique nature of the Czech Republic impresses with its landscape: wide valleys with many lakes and rivers are replaced by forests, hills and ridges. Among all this natural beauty are the famous healing springs. Tourists from all over the world come here to the resort, because the famous "Golden Triangle of Czech Health" is located here.

The climate in the Czech Republic is mild and temperate. There is quite a bit of snow on the streets of cities in winter, but it can be found in abundance in the mountains, where the winter sport is so famous. Summer is quite warm. You can go to the Czech Republic at any time of the year, the weather will not create any obstacles. Despite their native Czech language, many Czechs speak Russian, English and German.

This adds convenience to tourists coming to the Czech Republic from different countries. The capital of the Czech Republic is the city of Prague. Prague captivates with its sophistication of architecture, cozy streets and sights, which are countless in Prague. Architecture in the old spirit combines many styles: baroque, renaissance, modern and gothic.

Each building in Prague is a centuries-old story. If you wander through the streets and pay attention to each building, you may get the impression that you are in a real open-air museum. It will take a lot of time to explore each attraction. There are many castles and fortresses in the Czech Republic, they can be found in every city. 

The famous castles of Bohemia are located in a hilly area, Melnik Castle is the heart of the history of the Middle Ages, where wine production began 1000 years ago, Orlik Castle is a famous fortress of the kingdom. And this is not all the sights of the Czech Republic.

Despite the ancient architecture, the Czech Republic has a modern infrastructure. Many shops and restaurants can be found on the streets of cities. If you wish, you can taste beer with famous Czech sausages. There are also many hotels in the Czech Republic, you can choose a hotel based on your budget. 

The national souvenir of the Czech Republic is puppets. These dolls are controlled by ropes and will become a souvenir for any tourist. You can buy such a souvenir in every store in the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic is an amazing country. Tourists who have visited the Czech Republic at least once return there again and again.