Excursions with a personal guide in Prague

Romantic Prague looks like an illustration of an ancient fairy tale. An ordinary walk through the streets of this city becomes a fascinating excursion that will reveal many amazing facts of Prague history or culture. It is even more interesting to walk around Prague with an experienced and professional English-speaking guide who is in love with its streets, every old house or square. Organized excursions in English in the capital of the Czech Republic will allow you to get to know it better, to feel the unique atmosphere of Prague, to fall in love with this unique open-air museum.

Which routes should I choose for my walks in Prague, which sights must I visit? The list of the most beautiful and interesting places in the city can be endless, here are the main ones.

  • Old Town;
  • Old Town Square;
  • Old Town Hall;
  • Charles Bridge;
  • Wenceslas Square;
  • Prague Castle;
  • St. Vitus Cathedral;
  • Vyšehrad;
  • Wallenstein Palace;
  • Botanical Garden.

The list can be continued and changed with the help of a private guide who will offer the best routes and accompany each walk through Prague's streets with a fascinating and lively story about the sights. It is best to book a sightseeing tour during your first days in the city to get acquainted with the main sights, get used to it and enjoy the beauty of Prague's city scenery.

To see all the unique places of the capital, you need to live in it for many years. If the visit is limited to a few days, the guide's help will be essential. The city amazes with the beauty of its castles, ancient architecture, unique scent of the streets, where the smell of beer and pastry is blending together. It's important to thoroughly plan the route in order to have enough time to walk through squares and narrow streets, alleys of wonderful parks and the promenade. During the excursion with the English-speaking guide you can hear many new facts about the history of the Czech capital and about its people. It is possible to order a personal excursion, its cost is affordable and allows you to choose the sights at your discretion.

Prague is not only about ancient architecture, legends and history. It is an active modern city as well, where successful, cheerful and talented people live. There are interesting cultural events, exhibitions, folk festivals. An experienced guide will tell you how to make the best of your time and will suggest routes that give you the most full picture of the city.

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