Excursions with a personal guide in Brno

Brno is deservedly considered one of the most colorful and authentic cities in the Czech Republic. Even the shortest walk along it, alone or accompanied by a guide during a tour in English, will be filled with a lot of impressions. The spiers of medieval castles that cut through the air and delicious beer can be found not only in Prague... you can assure yourself of this during a sightseeing tour in Brno. The city is famous for its temples and churches, special traditions (meeting noon with the bells of the cathedral of Peter and Paul an hour earlier), a lot of museums and examples of modern architecture, such as the Vida Science Center or Villa Tugendhat. For lovers of mysticism, Excurzilla advises visiting the Ossuary, the largest burial site located in the Siedlec Crypt of St. James Church. You should not deny yourself the gastronomic pleasures. The numerous pubs and restaurants in Brno are pleased to offer their guests excellent Czech cuisine with a glass of foamy beer at the most attractive prices.

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