Local guides on the best sights in Madeira

Madeira is an island of eternal spring, a floating paradisiac garden. As soon as they do not call this autonomous region of Portugal, located on archipelago of the same name. It is 1,000 km from the Iberian Peninsula and 500 km from Africa.

The main island of archipelago is Madeira. It is approximately 60 km long and about 30 km wide. This piece of land is surrounded by the Atlantic ocean, can be passed during a observation excursion in the truest sense of the word along and across!

Do not miss the opportunity to admire the laurel and eucalyptus forests, picturesque valleys where miniature villages are located. An experienced guide will tell you the most interesting facts about this amazing place.

For tourists are provided with car tours in English language, during which you will visit places such as:

  • Santana is a small village in the South of the island with triangular houses (traditional Madeirense home found in the municipality of Santana);
  • Porto Moniz is town with an ancient port and volcanic pools;
  •  Cabo Girao cliff is the highest rock in Europe. At the top is a glass observation platform, which is climbed in small cabins by cableway;
  • Ribeira Brava - southern village with black volcanic sand on the beach.

With the help of "Excurzilla" you can organize a trip with a English-speaking guide to the sightseeing sites of Funchal - the largest city on the island. Here you can find:

  • Fort of Sao Tiago ("yellow fort");
  • the island's oldest temple - Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary;
  • Santa Clara Convent;
  • Museum Cristiano Ronaldo (football player, born in Madeira);
  • wine museum;
  • sugar museum.

The cost of a personal tour may be higher than the price of a group trip, but it is justified by a higher level of comfort.

Connoisseurs of gastronomy tourism will be delighted with Lavradesh market located in old part of Funchal. And here you can buy exotic fruits, seafoods, bulbs of rare flowers and handicrafts. Tired of long hikes between bazaar, you can relax at a table in one of the many fish restaurants.

You can come to Madeira with an excursion in any season, because the climatic summer lasts here all year round. The temperature difference between the winter and summer months is only 7 degrees!

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