Exciting walks in Lisbon with a private guide

You can walk for hours on the cobblestone streets of Lisbon, admiring the beautiful architecture and enjoying the weather – the climate here is very mild. The rhythm of life in the city is slow and the people are very friendly, so the sightseeing tour will leave the most pleasant impressions. Lisbon is popular with tourists, but not to that extent when people make crowds around main sights, as in Paris or Rome, so you can easily enjoy them, and prices in Lisbon are lower.

The most remarkable places of the city, which can be seen during the excursion in English:

  • Lisbon Cathedral;
  • Commerce Square;
  • Belém Tower;
  • Jerónimos Monastery;
  • Alfama neighborhood;
  • Saint George Castle.

The cathedral, which the Portuguese simply call Sé, is very ancient. Once there was a temple dedicated to the Roman gods, which later became a Christian church. Then it was rebuilt many times, and even became a mosque for five centuries. Like the rest of the city, the 1755 earthquake caused a lot of damage to it. Because of all this, the present-day cathedral looks very unusual, it can not be classified as one style, it seems as if all the milestones in the history of Lisbon merged in it.

Commerce Square used to be called Palace Yard. The Royal Palace of Saint George was located there, but after the earthquake it had to be rebuilt. The ensemble built around the square looks very beautiful and it overlooks the Tagus River – the view is excellent. The square got its name because merchant ships with silks and spices used to dock there.

Lisbon grew up around St. George Castle. The first fortifications were erected back in Roman times, then they were rebuilt and gradually expanded over time, from the beginning of the VIII century, the Emir of the Moors ruled from here, and in the middle of XIII century Lisbon became the capital of Portugal, and the castle – the royal residence. A lot of events took place in it, which can be fascinatingly described by an experienced English-speaking guide during the excursion. The castle is located on a hill, so it offers a great view of the city and is visible from all over Lisbon.

A must-visit destination with a personal guide is Sintra – a small town in the outskirts of Lisbon notable primarily for the Pena Palace, which looks like it's from a fairytale. The park that spreads over 200 hectares is interesting as well – it looks more like a real forest, but it is created artificially and there are trees and shrubs from all over the world.

Tourists often go to Lisbon on the dates of the carnival, which is held here on a large scale, or the flowering of the jacaranda – it begins in mid-April and lasts for about a month and a half, the whole city at this time is painted in a soft lilac color.

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