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Netherlands - excursions of popular cities

Tulips and windmills, Amsterdam canals and Rembrandt paintings, marijuana in coffee shops and herring sandwiches in the streets - all this is Holland, one of the most interesting Western European countries. Ask the English-speaking guide what is its queerness - and you will hear a fascinating story about lands, conquered from the sea, glorious sailors and a long struggle for freedom. At the same time, the Dutch are no less proud of their present, than their past, and almost every major city in the country can boast of its architectural monuments. The list of the most popular places for tourists includes:

  • Amsterdam. In order to get to know all its sights from the royal palace to Leidseplein square, you should book several excursions in English with a personal guide (you can find it on the Excurzilla portal, moreover at a reasonable price);
  • Keukenhof. For two months of the year, this 32 hectares park turns into a true fairy tale of tulips: it is possible to see millions of flowers of all varieties and tints;
  • Rotterdam. This port city is rightfully considered to be the "architectural capital" of the Netherlands: during an excursion of it it is possible to see examples of the most modern architecture;
  • The ancient cities Delft and Harlem, full of masterpieces of Renaissance architecture;
  • The Hague, famous for palaces and museums (among the latter, Madurodam miniature park deserves special mention).

In the warm season, many tourists go on an excursion to Scheveningen - a popular seaside resort, where it is possible go windsurfing, and in April the main events are the Flower Parade and King's Day.

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