Local guides about the best attractions in Bergamo

Bergamo is situated in North Italy, only 30 km from the capital of the world fashion - Milan. Despite the famous neighbor, this ancient town itself is of constant interest to tourists from all over the world. They are attracted here by beautiful Alpine landscapes as well as great number of historical and cultural sites. Bergamo was founded by the ancient Celts after all. At different times it was under control of the Roman Empire and the Republic of Venice; its streets remember both the Napoleonic soldiers and the fearless garibaldians. Having been on a highlight tour of Bergamo in English, you will see the city in all its beauty and glory.

A professional English-speaking guide will tell you many interesting stories and legends from the life of the city and introduce you to its attractions: magnificent castles and churches, palaces and art galleries. Various tours in English at affordable prices, which will help you feel the atmosphere of Bergamo, get into its unique spirit, and get the most vivid impressions, are presented on the website of Excurzilla.

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