Fascinating excursions in English in Goa

Goa is the most popular resort of India, stretched along the sea coast with many beaches. When the Portuguese arrived in Goa at the beginning of the 16th century, they were amazed at the beauty of nature and original culture, and placed the capital of Portuguese India in Old Goa - so there is something to see during a sightseeing tour. Moreover, although prices in Goa are considered to be high by Indian standards, they are significantly lower than in Thailand.

The main sights are worth seeing with a guide:

  • St. Catherine's cathedral in Old Goa;
  • Basilica of Merciful Jesus;
  • Aguada fortress;
  • Yashvantgad fort;
  • Corjuem fort;
  • reserves - Bhagwan Mahavir and others.

Old Goa has now become a very small town - its population is about 5 thousand inhabitants, but there are many sights from Portuguese times in it. For example, St. Catherine’s cathedral with a “growing” cross - it is believed that it gradually grows by itself, is able to cure diseases and fulfill wishes. Here, in one of the churches, belonging to the cathedral complex, there is the Archaeological Museum, elucidating several millennia of the history of Goa.

Many Portuguese fortresses preserved in Goa, guided excursions of them in English will be very informative. In the reserves it is possible to admire the diverse flora and fauna of India.

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