Miami is a starry paradise

Miami is a starry paradise

On the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in Florida, there is another resort, the financial and commercial center of the United States - the city of Miami. The best time to relax in this wonderful place is from November to April. Since June, housing prices have been halved, but during this period the Miami area is prone to heavy rains and hurricanes. Miami is a city with quiet and peaceful streets, gentle sun, sparsely populated sandy beaches.

This metropolis, like New York and Los Angeles, consists of many towns and districts. Miami Beach became the most famous resort city. This suburb is located on an island, on the ocean, which is separated from the city of Miami by the Bay of Biscayne. There is not much entertainment at the resort, but you can walk around expensive boutiques. Nightclubs, historic buildings, beaches and shops have made the Miami Beach area one of the most popular places in the world. The most expensive hotels are located on the main street of the city, Collins Avenue.

There are many cafes with Chinese cuisine in Miami. But the locals prefer their favorite fast food. Lunch for two without alcohol will cost a tidy sum, about $ 200. In addition to shopping in Miami, it is worth visiting the tropical botanical garden, the aquarium and watching a show of dolphins, turtles, sea lions; the Miami Zoo, which is one of the largest in the USA; the Butterfly World Park, where more than five thousand beautiful creatures flutter; the jungle of monkeys and the jungle of parrots. Moreover, all representatives of the animal world collected in these parks are in conditions close to natural. The city of Miami and its surroundings are located between Biscayne Bay and Everglades National Park.

This wildlife reserve is a huge territory of 557 thousand hectares with swamps, rivers and lakes, small areas of land and rare representatives of flora and fauna. In these conditions, a huge number of rare bird species (red heron, bald eagle, pelican, flamingo, etc.) and even alligators feel great. And they move and conduct excursions around the park on airboats. The Art Deco district attracts attention, where small Art Nouveau buildings were built in the 20s. Now these buildings are considered national monuments, and the area itself is famous for numerous nightclubs and cafes.

In 1916, a beautiful palace in the Italian Renaissance style was built in Miami - Villa "Vizcaya". This is also the Museum of Fine Arts, in 70 rooms of which there are works of art from all over the world. For children, a visit to the Children's Educational Museum will be interesting, exciting and impressive. About 400 thousand people live in Miami, 70% of whom are Latin Americans (mostly Cubans), 19.2% are African Americans, the rest are representatives of other peoples, including Russians. Interestingly, only 25.45% of the population indicate English as their native language, for 66.75% Spanish is their native language. The beauty of the city and freedom of action in the mid-90s attracted the stars of Russian show business to Miami.

Now the entire Russian beau monde spends time there, and some consider this place their home. And this is not surprising, because they do not live in rented apartments, but in their own apartments. The city of Miami is the home of many foreign celebrities, and the main favorite of the citizens is Enrique Iglesias. It must be said that in 2008, according to the American magazine Forbes, Miami was awarded the title of "the cleanest city in America". In 2012, the same magazine called Miami "the most miserable city in the USA to live in" despite the wealth and luxury. 

This title is explained by the fact that the city has one of the highest rates of corruption and social stratification. However, this fact is unlikely to deter anyone, at least the city of Miami has been and remains a paradise for "fat wallets" and a dream for many others.

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