Bucharest prices for food, services and real estate

Bucharest prices for food, services and real estate

Traveling to new countries develops horizons, helps to change location and have a good rest from everyday bustle. If you are considering Europe, but do not know which country to go to, pay attention to Romania. The capital of Romania is Bucharest

The city, which is called "little Paris". Absolutely not hackneyed tourist destination, which was previously avoided by most travelers. Located in Eastern Europe, Bucharest has retained its originality, Romanian traditions and history, but the city also combines the influence of Eastern and Western European cultures.

The currency in Romania is the New Romanian Leu (RON).

When planning a trip, most often, places to visit are planned in advance so as not to have a snack and dinner, prices and housing options where you can stay and other services that the city provides us.

A great impression of the trip is the gastronomic component of the trip. It is unlikely that anyone will want to eat only hamburgers and crackers, so you should study the approximate prices for food and establishments. On average, a meal in a middle-class restaurant for two will cost about $30. Meals at a conditional MacDonalds will be about $5 per person. A cup of cappuccino costs about $2.50.

If we consider the prices of food products in supermarkets, we will focus on the most common among buyers. So, a liter of milk will cost $1.25, a loaf of bread a little less than $1, a package of eggs (12 pieces) - $2-3, cheese about $6 per kg, a 1.5 liter bottle of plain water around $1.

The average price for hotels and hostels is as follows: hostels and hotels with 1-2 stars ~ $33, three-star hotels ~$55, hotels from 4 stars will cost from $80.

If we are talking about renting housing, then the prices for the month will be as follows: a 1-bedroom apartment in the city center - $ 480, with the same conditions, but in residential areas ~ $ 340. An apartment with 3 bedrooms in the city center will cost ~$900, and outside the city center it will be already $600.

Basic utilities (electricity, heating, water, garbage collection) for an apartment of about 85 square meters cost ~$113. Price for mobile communication: $0.10 per 1 minute and cable Internet at a speed of 60 Mbps ~$10.

In the case of buying real estate in the capital of Romania, the price per square meter in the city center will be $2225. In a residential area, 1 square meter will cost ~$1430.

The average taxi ride around the city will cost $2.5. A trip by public transport - $ 0.4.

Approximate prices for other services. A movie ticket for one will cost ~$7, a monthly subscription to a fitness club ~$46.5.